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Elementary and Secondary School Open House at AIS

Admissions Team AIS

6 DECEMBER 2016, TUESDAY (9:00 A.M)


Unique to AIS, the Athlete Development Program offers the top 1% of AIS student athletes the opportunity to achieve sporting excellence and be coached on a path to elite level sport. However, the development of character and the sense of team is every bit as important as the development of skills and fitness, which is why we field over 100 teams across Elementary and Secondary School, creating places for any child who is inspired to participate.

Join us to explore the campus, observe classroom activities, meet the Academic leadership and learn more about how our unique combination of the Australian curriculum, the IGCSE, IB and HSC supports students of all ages in reaching their academic potential.

VENUE: Australian International School (Singapore)
Time: 9:00 a.m

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