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AIS Netball Teams Shine at ACSIS League Tournaments

Radhika Puri

Australian International School


The AIS U 12 Netball Girls First Team rounded off undefeated season in November winning Gold and the Division 1 ACSIS Shield for the second year in a row. ACSIS (The Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools) is the most popular competitive league for international schools in Singapore. The team won with a score of 27-2 against Dulwich College. In fact, it was a fantastic season all round for AIS Netball, with three of the five AIS Under 12 teams in the ACSIS Netball League making it to their respective finals. 

With five teams in the ACSIS Netball League, AIS fielded the most teams of any school in Singapore; a testament to the growth of the AIS Netball club in 2015. All our teams have worked hard to ensure a fantastic season and we thank our amazing coaches Ms Hosking-Potts, Ms Siew, Ms Naismith, Ms Thorn and our Head of Netball, Mrs Plant, for their dedication and support. 

This has been a fabulous year for the newly-formed Sharks Netball Club.  

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