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  • chevron_rightATA

    Stamford American International School

    Great school and facilities.

  • chevron_rightRadek

    One World International School

    We chose OWIS Nanyang for it's reputation & review and also for the attractive affordable fees. We really like the curriculum offered which is the IB PYP & the fact that the school encourages creativity in students. Learning is fun as my daughter said from the first day her feedback was extremely positive, "My teacher is nice & great!". She said as well that she doesn't like that holidays are starting cause she prefers to go to school ;-) Everyone one is very kind there and helpful, kids looks relaxed and not stressed.

  • chevron_rightRicha Parmar

    One World International School

    My Son was enrolled to OWIS (ONE WORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) from Jan 2018 for P1. Its 6 months now and i can already see a significant improvement in my son especially in terms of reading.. Everyday he is thrilled to go to school as if there is some exciting n fun activity waiting for him. I have also seen him developing interest in Arts n Music.. And the best part is we are regularly updated on their activities through an App called Seesaw. I also liked the fact that teachers hv taken extra efforts to understand each of our kids individually and have accordingly taken care of their weaker areas.. OWIS has lived upto all our expectations..

  • chevron_rightHG

    One World International School

    Our Son just started with OWIS Nanyang Campus this Year, presently is going in Grade 1 Called P1. we have been happy with all his previous schools- kindergarten and play schools and we feel he has had a good base. Continuing on it he seems to enjoy his time in OWIS, it is a different curriculum from what i had in my time, but am happy with the hands on approach and integration of the subject (i believe it is similar in most of the international Schools). Well i cannot compare to other schools but it is suitable on the pockets as the cost is relatively low and quality of education till now seems to be good so complains from my side. They do tend to have a lot of interaction and parent involvement which can be at times overwhelming specially when you Kid expects you to be there every time. But all in all Value for Money :) .... All said and done Money is important when it comes to education in Singapore which is in terms cheap.

  • chevron_rightMERLE93

    UWCSEA East

    We have loved UWCSEA (East) from day one. The school stands true to its mission and values. My daughter had a very happy and positive experience. She was consistently nurtured and encouraged under the guidance of excellent teachers. Academics are very important but the school gives equal importance to Physical, Social and Outdoor learning so that the children can meet the challenges of world. My daughter is now an independent, confident and a responsible university student and is very proud to be an Alumni of this school.

  • chevron_rightNaveen Byna

    GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

    My son is studying in GEMS World Acadamy, I have transferred him from GIIS to GEMS last year. I see a massive change in his thinking, presentation skills, Self-confidence etc., I am used to the culture of stereotype classroom teaching methods and followed by exams to assess on grade depending upon the marks kids score. Initially, days of GEMS I did had a fear of what my son is learning, what teachers are teaching, how is performing, did I take the right decision to admit him in Gems etc., as there won't be any books given back home to know what kids are learning. However, upon seeing their assignments I realised that my son is on the right path, he does his own research, developing the knowledge. Most importantly for me, the children should be able to develop public speaking, presentation and confidence. I believe the school is helping my child in those areas very well.

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